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Hormones for Women

What is progesterone and how does it work in the body?
Progesterone is a naturally occurring hormone made by your ovaries (before menopause) and adrenal glands (after menopause). It works in combination with estrogen to maintain your menstrual cycle before and during menopause. The goal is a balance between progesterone and estrogen; however, both of these hormones decrease at menopause. A decrease in progesterone levels takes place in women during menopause and may be worsened by the following: stress, antidepressants, decreased thyroid hormone, vitamin deficiencies, and excess sugar/saturated fat consumption or extreme drop in progesterone levels following childbirth or hysterectomy.
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What happens when I do not have enough or I have too much progesterone?

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What side effects are associated with progesterone treatment?
Common/ Minor side effects include Fatigue, Headache, Itching / redness / swelling of the skin, water retention.
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What are the benefits of natural progesterone replacement?
Progesterone helps balance estrogen and increases the beneficial effects of estrogen on blood vessel dilation in atherosclerotic plaques.  Progesterone also has a natural calming effect, helps you sleep, may improve bone density, may protect against breast cancer, hypertension, high cholesterol, and also normalizes libido.
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What are the benefits of natural progesterone replacement?
Progesterone 2% is a topical cream that is rubbed into the skin. Women using Progesterone 2% for Perimenopause symptoms typically apply on days 1-25 of cycle; while women using Progesterone 2% for PMS symptoms typically apply Progesterone for 10 days of cycle. It is important to talk to your pharmacist or healthcare provider for your individualized dosage based on your symptoms.

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