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Post Bariatric Doctor Patient weight loss program

Serum Eye Drops | Questions about Serum Eye Drops

Serum Eye Drops - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase Serum Eye Drops at any regular pharmacy?
No, Serum Eye Drops can only be purchased at a compounding pharmacy. Compounding is the art of customizing prescriptions to meet a patient's specific needs. It is important that you ONLY choose a compounding pharmacy that has experience in compounding sterile products
How often are Serum Eye drops used in the average patient?
There are many different protocols for using serum eye drops. Some patients find that they can find relief by using autologous drops twice daily while others with severe dry eye may use them up to 10 times daily.
Are Serum Eye Drops safe to use?
Because the drops are made directly from a patient's own serum they are considered by many researchers to be extremely safe to use as long as they are compounded correctly by a reputable compounding pharmacy with a sterile laboratory. Theoretically, patients should not have an allergic reaction to their own serum. These eye drops are also free of any preservative, which makes them safe to use in patients with allergies to specific preservatives.
Are there any possible side effects related to using serum eye drops?
As we have discussed the side effect profile of this treatment option has been low in most studies. Although rare, side effects are still possible. and in most cases have been reported to occur in less than 2% of patients. Reported side effects have included discomfort, conjunctivitis, eyelid eczema, keratitis, and vasculitis.

How much do Serum Eye Drops cost?
The price of Autologous eye drops can vary according to each pharmacy. It is important to focus on the quality and reputation of the pharmacy and not the price of the product.
Do Serum Eye Drops require a prescription or are they over-the-counter?
Autologous eye drops are a prescription item only.
How is my plasma obtained to make serum eye drops?
Your plasma is obtained through a normal blood draw. It then is tested and properly processed to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. The compounding pharmacist will then place the sterile serum into eyedropper bottles and it will be frozen to maintain stability.
How are Serum Eye drops best stored?
It is recommended to store bottles of autologous serum eye drops in the freezer. Bottles that are currently being used can be stored in the refrigerator for a short period of time. Your compounding pharmacist should review all storage guidelines with you upon receiving the medication.
Are Autologous eye drops approved by the FDA?
Although serum eye drops have been well studied in the medical literature, as a compound they are not FDA approved.
Have Serum Eye Drops been proven to work?
There have been many studies that have reviewed the effectiveness of Serum Eye drops for the treatment of dry eye in a variety of conditions.
Do you have any additional questions that we can answer?
Please contact us via e-mail at info@markdrugs.com.
The information on this website regarding Serum Eye Drops is purely informational and should not be used to diagnose, cure or treat any patient without the direction and supervision of a physician. If you are interested in using Autologous Eye Drops or any other treatment for Dry Eye make sure to check with your physician first. This and any therapy should be individualized for you by a prescribing physician that knows you, your medical history, and any current and prior medication history. Serum Eye Drops are not approved by the FDA for the treatment of Dry Eye and does require a prescription that can only be filled at a compounding pharmacy.
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