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Opthalmic Compounding Treatment
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Ophthalmic Compounding:

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Sterile Ophthalmic Products:

Fortified Antibiotics (Freeze Dried – For Office Use)
All items are available in 10ml droptainers for direct to Patient sale as well as 2ml Freeze-Dried - Ready to use droptainers that may be reconstituted in the office Emergency Kits that may be kept on the shelf for up to six (6) months.

 Vancomycin  25mg/ml and 50mg/ml strengths
 Cefazolin, Ceftazidime  50mg/ml strengths
 Tobramycin, Gentamicin,
 15mg/ml strengths

(PE) Phenylephrine,
(TR) Tropicamide,
(K) Ketorolac Tromethamine
(Z) Zymaxicid (Gatifloxacin)

(L) Lidocaine
(C) Cyclopentolate
(T) Tetracaine

“Pre-Cataract” Mydriatic Ophthalmic; Preparation Solution

 Mydriatic  #1)  PE-T-K-Z-L  2.5%-1%-0.5%-0.3%-2%
 Mydriatic  #2)  PE-T-K-Z-C  2.5%-1%-0.5%-0.3%-2%
 Mydriatic  #3)  PE-T-K-C  2.5%-1%-0.5%-2%
 Mydriatic  #4)  PE-T-Z  2.5%-1%-0.3%
 Mydriatic  #5)  PE-T-C  2.5%-1%-1%
 Mydriatic  #6)  PE-T-K-Z-L  10% -1%-0.5%-0.3%-2%
 Mydriatic  #7)  PE-T-K-Z-T  10% -1%-0.5%-0.3%-.5%
 Mydriatic  #8)  PE-T-K-Z-C  10% -1%-0.5%-0.3%-2%
 Mydriatic  #9)  PE-T-K-C  10%-1%-0.5%-2%

Ophthalmic Prep Solution “Kit” Unit Dose
 (B) Betadine 5%  0.20ml
 (T) Tetracaine  0.20ml
 (Z) Zymaxicid (Gatifloxacin)  0.15ml
 (V) Vigamox  0.15ml

Avastin-“Unit-dose Syringe”
 1.25mg/0.05ml or 0.06ml
 Syringe/Needle/Sterility Testing
 Light-Resistant Amber Bag

Activase 100mcg/0.1ml UD Syringe
 0.1ml in 1ml Sterile Syringe ready for Surgery

 150u/ml, 1ml or 10ml Vial

 0.1-0.5mg/ml, 1ml Volume in a
 (Quantity pricing available) 3ml syringe,
 “Frozen” Unit of Use or Multi-Dose Vials

Call today for details! (630) 529-3400
Mark Drugs became the first in Illinois to earn the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board’s Seal of Accreditation – a new system of standards created by some of the leading organizations in pharmacy. The accreditation demonstrates that Mark Drugs Pharmacy meets the highest quality and safety standards in its profession.

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