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HCG diet

English | Español | Polska     Weight Loss | FAQs | PDF Info Sheet | Supplements

HCG Supplements
Products are available at Mark Drugs

HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide   $23.00

A Supplemental Guide to Dr Simeons’ Pounds
and Inches
- Supporting All Types of HCG

An easy guide that contains all the information a person needs to be successful on the HCG diet

Pocket Guide to the HCG Protocol   $18.00
Quick Reference Guide for the 500 calorie and maintenance phase of the HCG Diet Protocol
Small convenient carry along book with basic information of HCG diet

101 Worry-Free HCG Diet Recipes   $21.50
Plus hints and Tips from Experts
This book contains great tasting recipes for the very low calorie phase of HCG protocol

My HCG Tracker   $15.50
A motivational and inspirational companion for the HCG protocol
Useful book that keeps track of weight and
what you eat

Dr Simeon’s Protocol & Summary   $10.00
Available in Spanish, Polish or English
Original Dr Simeon’s manuscript

201 Maintenance Recipes   $30.00
This book contains great tasting recipes designed for during the maintenance phase

Burdock Root Herbal Tea   $7.00

24 tea bags
Best tasting tea with no added flavor, preservative, or sweetener

Grissini Torino   $3.00
3.5 oz (100gm)
All natural breadsticks with no artificial color, flavor, or sweetener

HCG Perfect Portion Vinagrette   $8.00
This tasty Vinagrette can also be used as a Marinade to add flavor to meats and vegetables during the HCG diet

HCG  Gourmet  Seasonings
Gourmet Seasoning  Jar   $8.00
Gourmet Seasoning 4 Pack   $22.00
Can be used to flavor any meats during
the HCG Diet
Available in Lemon Herb, Sweet & Hot Louisiana, Chef’s Hot Pepper Blend, Steak Seasoning

Konjac Shirataki Noodles   $3.00
9 oz
Easy to make, zero calorie noodles. 5 types available: Ditalini Pasta, Angel Hair Pasta, Penne Pasta, Rigatoni Pasta, and Spaghetti-
To be used during Maintenance Phase

Organic Smooth Move Herbal
Stimulant Laxative Tea   $6.00
16 tea bags
Provides relief from constipation and is available in original or chocolate

Schar Italian Breadsticks   $6.20
5.3 oz (150gm)
Healthy tasting, gluten free breadsticks, used for Maintenace Phase

Sweet Leaf Sweetener
70 packets   $6.00
35 packets   $10.80
Natural sweetener for tea, coffee, pies, muffins etc.

Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia
2 oz bottle   $15.99
6 ml sample   $4.50
Natural liquid sweetener with 14 flavors: Apricot Nectar, Berry, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, English Toffee, Grape, Hazelnut, Lemon Drop, Peppermint, Root Beer, Valencia Orange, Vanilla Crème, and Plain

Mark Drugs carries:
Carb Zero, Carb One, Carb Two &
Paleo Breads.
Cell Salts   $15.00

1 fl oz (30ml)
Vital mineral constituents of the body, which helps prevent muscle spasms while on HCG

Core Restore BT, 7 day kit   $94.00
Revitalizing Healthy Liver Function
Comprehensive Biotransformation
A 7 day gentle program to help clean & restore GI function

Diet Start Cleanse   $31.00
Jumpstart your weight loss program
with an easy 14 day Program
that promotes stored fat for energy

Electro Mix Electrolytes   $19.00
30 packets/box
A water mineralizer and dietary supplement which helps prevent muscle spasms while on HCG

Heartburn Away   $35.00
90 chewable tablets
A blend of Probiotics and digestive enzymes in a tasty chewable formula which is ideal for those experiencing gas and bloating.

Multigenics without Iron   $41.00
A Multiple Vitamin/ Mineral Supplement
that can be used while on HCG diet

Multipro   $28.00
A multiple vitamin/mineral supplement with Probiotics. Available for men and women.

Probiotics with FOS   $35.00
To Aid in Relief on Occasional Constipation  and aid in elimination of toxins

Saccharomyces Boulardii   $30.60
Aids in Detoxification and Elimination of Candida and other toxins

Synergy B   $20.00
Vitamin B Complex with added Biotin to aid with hair loss

Ultra Clear Plus Ph   $89.60
Medicinal Food formulated to provide enhanced nutritional support for patient with chronic fatigue syndrome. Available in Natural Vanilla Flavor and Natural Pineapple Banana Flavor

Vitamin C 750 mg with Probiotics   $28.00
120 chewable tablets
Pleasant tasting Vitamin C that also prevents & alleviates constipation

Vitamin D3 5,000 IU with Probiotics  $28.00
100 capsules
Dietary supplement of Vitamin D with Probiotic. High doses of Vitamin D promote weight loss and maintenance

Aqua Care Body Lotion   $12.58

8 oz (237ml)
Effective medication for dry skin relief

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer   $16.20
4 fl oz (118ml)
Suitable for all skin types and offers UVA & UVB protection and protects from premature wrinkles

Elta Crème Moisturizer   $10.62
2.8 oz (79gm)
Preservative free and fragrance free, keeps skin moist for hours

Ivory Soap 1 bar   $1.00
Simple, pure, clean soap, with no heavy perfume/lotions

Magick Botanicals
Shampoo -16 fl oz (473ml)   $10.00
Conditioner -16 fl oz (473ml)   $10.00
Pure simple formula that is oil free, fragrance free, gluten free, and salicylate free. Safe for colored treated hair

Spry Toothpaste   $6.00
4 oz (113 gm)
Helps whiten teeth and is completely sugar free and fluoride free

Thai Crystal Deodorant
Roll-on - 3 fl oz (90ml)   $5.00
Mist - 8 oz (240ml)   $6.00
Eliminate body odor and food odor,
has 24 hour protectio

 * Prices Subject To Change Without Notice *


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